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Medical Disclaimer

The information contained on this page is for education and general information purposes only and is not medical advice. Please refer to the full text of Dr. Shaheen's MEDICAL DISCLAIMER.

Preparing For Surgery

Regardless of the procedure you are undergoing, this Pre-Operative video will help to inform you of the basic guidelines to follow for a successful surgical outcome. Topics such as essential and special medications and/or supplements to take and avoid, as well as dietary concerns, and bowel preparations are reviewed.

Post Op Meds, Activity, Diet

This informative video identifies typical post-operative care instructions for an Abdominoplasty including the use of pain medications, dietary recommendations, exercise and activity precautions, and the process of healing.

Abdominoplasty Wound

Managing the post-operative care of the surgical site is an important part of your recovery. This video provides instructions on how to properly shower, and reapply foam binders and garments to obtain good post-operative outcomes.

Medication, Activity, Care

This informative video describes post-operative expectations for patients undergoing a breast reduction or a breast lift. Topics covered include, post-surgical activities, swelling, bruising, icing, when to call the doctor, and proper time to resume driving.

Wound Care

Managing the post-operative care of the surgical site is an important part of your recovery. This video describes what to expect after a Breast Reduction or Breast Lift. The video highlights precautions, proper activities and exercises, proper wound care, and follow up with Dr. Shaheen in his office.

Medication, Activity, Care

Every patient needs to know which signs are normal and when to call Dr. Shaheen following a face lift. This video provides instructions on medication administration, swelling, bruising, use of glasses, contact lenses, as well as the proper use of cosmetic products.

Wound Care

Making your public appearance following a face lift procedure is very exciting. Follow this instructional video to learn how to properly take care of the incisions, the use of ice to address the normal bruising that follows this procedure, as well as what to expect the first few weeks following this procedure.

Post Op

Getting a good result following a liposuction procedures requires that patients follow the post-operative guidelines highlighted in this video. Topics covered include proper post-operative activities, care of swelling, bruising, and the use of ice.


Learn how to take care of your incision involved with Liposuction along with proper use and application of the foam, garment, and binder. Dr. Shaheen also addresses the use of ice, swelling, bruising, and what to expect post-operatively.

Open Wounds

Occasionally patients experience a post-operative open wound. This informative and instructional video explains the basics of wound care including use of antibiotics, use of saline soaked gauze, as well as the use of special gel to keep wounds moist during healing.


This general video answers common questions posed to Dr. Sheehan after a number of surgical procedures. Follow along to learn basic precautions, advice, and when to call his office.